LIFE STYLE: Gina Brooke, così rendo giovane Madonna e le altre

(ANSA) – Long Hair blacks held on one side by a knitted beret, cold eyes shaded by long lashes, scarlet mouth, black dress glove, a brown short version of his most famous client, Madonna Ciccone. And ‘Gina Brooke, the most famous make up artist in the world, the one who for ten years following step by step in the world tours the former Material Girl, the make-up and skin care. But not only among his famous clients are Victoria and David Beckham, for which he made the make up of the body in different advertising campaign which was testimonial, Naomi Campbell, Katy Perry, Cher, Paris Hilton, Anne Hatway, Gisele Baundchen, Miley Cyrus and many other celebrities who have become free testimonial of his treatments.

Gina Brooke these days is in Italian, 18 in Milan with make up artist Paul Pinna, and in Rome in the doctor’s dermatologist Chantal Sciuto to present his new machine of wonders, that after rejuvenated many famous faces, promises hours of stop the clock time on the body: Intraceuticals Sculpt, new frontier of treatments and products of the brand known for facial care, using oxygen as delivery systems serum based on hyaluronic acid. The rest is given to the wisdom of the hands and make up artistic Gina Brooke, with which rejuvenates and sculpts faces and bodies, correcting the flaws and accentuate the merits.

“Madonna is a very disciplined – Gina reveals – if you say you must do the treatments twice a day she does. We take much care of his skin and his body, and began with these machines a decade ago. I first tried on me, half of the face, and when I saw the results immediately wanted to be part of this company. Sculpt is the new frontier of body treatments, combines the experience relaxing and rejuvenating massage with outstanding results of treatment hi-tech improvement in the appearance of the skin, firming, lifting and hydration. Remember the campaqna advertising of Emporio Armani underwear which was ambassador David Beckham? That body was treated first by myself with the car and the products and then with the my make up. There are no retouching. If the skin is not treated before there are the same results. It is much safer if front of an audience or a camera if your skin is hydrated, and the trick is better. ” “Now I’ll show you on the computer – adds proudly – another male body with love handles and I’ll see what I can do before treating it with the car and then with my tricks of light and shadow.” Practically the before and after seem to show two different bodies, one relaxed and the other palestrato, perfect.

But back to Madonna in terms of trend of “hair and makeup” yet that law. “She loves to take care of his body – reveals Gina – but also wants to surprise his audience with shots of theater here then that puts the unit dental gold, the diamonds in the teeth or scattered on the eyelashes. I realized even the false eyelashes with brilliant that cost ten thousand euro. His latest make up, when he dressed as a bullfighter, was the eye shadow on the eyes in real 24 carat gold dust “.

The treatment Sculpt on the body is executed with the handpieces in the form of stone that warm the serum and oxygen and a spray during application. The applicators are created to be challenged with the palm of the hand, letting your fingers have contact with the body in order to perform the massage. The hands will work well on the muscles as in massage while applicators will convey the hot whey as they flow over the body. The styles of massage can be different, from Swedish to Shiatsu massage. The applicators have different forms and will be used to provide the best possible results depending on the area of ​​the body and the type of treatment chosen. The serum for the treatment professional will be declined in a range of natural flavors to offer everyone a sensory experience that suits your preferences. The products range from Body Scrub Gel for Body Contouring and Cellulite up for the Daily Serum for the Body that also addresses the treatment of stretch marks and the Serum for the lifting of Breast and Cleavage. The active ingredients are mostly based on Natural Extracts of Australian origin and are derived from renewable bio certified and extraction methods with environmentally sustainable. For best results are combined with peptides Hi-Tech last generation and their use involves the application via the hyaluronic layering in Step 3, already a cornerstone Intraceuticals for use skincare for the face.

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