Madonna’s make-up artist was proud to create a “memorable” lip colour for her MDNA Tour.

The pop superstar travelled the world with her MDNA Tour last year, and her new concert film The MDNA Tour premieres on cable network Epix this weekend. A huge amount of work went into Madonna’s various stage looks and make-up artist Gina Brooke has revealed how fast-paced the wardrobe changes were.


“The quick changes happened underneath the stage, and we’d basically have to change her hair, make-up, and wardrobe in under five minutes! It’s so much fun working with her, though,” she told “There’s nobody like her. I’ve worked with so many people in the industry, and there is no one and will never be anyone like Madonna.”

Gina worked with Make Up For Ever to create a special lipstick for Madonna’s tour. The bold red hue was custom blended just for the iconic star.

“Every single tour, I make Madonna a new product,” she explained of Aqua Rouge Lipstick in Iconic Red. “This tour, I made a lip product for her.

I wanted to create a beautiful, memorable colour, and we did!”

Madonna’s hairstylist Andy LeCompte also revealed details about the 54-year-old star’s different dos on tour.

He likes to experiment with styles, but was aware of the time restraints involved during the shows. Andy had to make sure each look could be easily evolved in between numbers.

“Whether it’s a video or something we’ve done in the past, we always like to bring it into the show. It kind of becomes a yearbook or diary of whatever has been inspiring her to get her to that place,” he said. “We did a ’40s-inspired look, which later transformed into her look for her Vogue number. We threw her hair into a French twist, and then I curled the front piece.”







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