TEEN VOGUE: If It’s Good Enough For Madge…

TEEN VOGUE (June 2010)

Gina Brooke is one of the most well-respected makeup artists in the industry, having worked extensively on ad shoots (Lanvin, Dolce and Gabbana, and H&M, to name a few) and with celebs like Anne Hathaway, Gisele, and Justin Timberlake–not to mention Madonna, with whom she’s collaborated on three international tours and multiple music videos! (What a resume!) Needless to say, you can trust that Brooke is the ultimate expert in makeup. Since being recently christened Artistic Director for Hourglass Cosmetics, she confesses that she’s been having a blast using her famous clients as guinea pigs. “When I first checked out the line, I discovered that it is what every pro makeup artist wants: The pigmentation of the products are absolutely amazing, and the formulas work effectively but you don’t even feel like you’re wearing anything on your face! Madonna has been using the Illusion Tinted Moisturizer lately,” she reveals. I totally can’t wait to see what new products Brooke and Hourglass have coming down the beauty pipeline!

Here, she shares her top tips and must-have products for creating a radiant summer look:

“My best advice for summer makeup for teens is to find cosmetics that best express their uniqueness and individuality. My favorite look, especially during the summer months, is to enhance one feature – skin, eyes or lips.

It’s important to prep your skin with a primer – especially during the summer months. I recommend using Hourglass Cosmetics’ Veil Mineral Primer to ensure long lasting makeup.
I specifically use Veil Mineral Primer because it not only protects the skin against UVA and UVB rays, but it will also neutralize the skin, reduce redness, and above all, it is water resistant. Concerns about your makeup melting during the summer months are over!

The quickest way to transform fair skin into a bronzed look is by using a bronzer duo that will glide on smoothly and leave a satiny finish. To create the illusion of a natural-looking, sun-kissed complexion without exposing your skin to the sun’s harmful rays, use Hourglass’ Illume Bronzer Creme-to-Powder Bronzer Duo in Sunset for an instant tan. Begin by lightly applying the bronzer to your forehead, cheeks and chin. Then, to create the perfect sun-kissed look, be sure to apply a pop of color using Illume’s pink shade to only the apples of the cheeks. By doing so, this will give you a more radiant healthy looking complexion.

Don’t be hesitant to wear color, especially on the eyes. By wearing a pop of color such as a soft green, a light blue or maybe even a purple, it will instantly enhance the color of blue and green eyes. Of course, I always love a bold lip – try pink, coral or fuchsia for summer!”