By Anni Hall (August 2011)

How to get breathtaking wedding day-ready skin in 30 minutes

Blah complexions begone! Get the treatment known as the Madonna facial from Australian skincare brand Intraceuticals. The Queen of Pop is rumoured to have two oxygen tanks in her home for weekly treatments of therapeutic-grade oxygen that infuse natural moisture-binding hyaluronic acid, vitamins and green-tea serums into the skin for a plump, pristine complexion. Celebrity makeup artist Gina Brooke revealed to Vogue Australia’s Sigourney Cantelo “I introduced it toMadonna and Naomi Campbell, and now everyone is using it”.

The specifics
The Intraceuticals Infusion is a mega moisture boost perfect for tired skin and is ideal for big events when you want to look like you’ve slept for days. Just ask Eva Longoria, Katy Perry and model Jessica Stam who’ve all had the treatment the day before red-carpet events. After all it’s a non-irritating treatment with instant gratification. For longer lasting and more impressive results, six sessions are recommended leading up to the big day.

The process
The Infusion is a no-fuss, relaxing half hour out of the day. During the treatment, skin is thoroughly cleansed and primed for the infusion. A fine mist of serum is then sprayed onto the skin and infused using pressurised oxygen. Areas of concern, such as fine lines, acne and pigmentation, are given more time and attention under the oxygen and the Intraceuticals range of products are layered onto the skin to seal in moisture and prolong the effects.

The results
The Intraceuticals Infusion leaves skin brighter, firmer and looking plump and perfect for three to four days. For longer lasting effects have weekly treatments combined with the Intraceuticals at-home skincare range.